The group is about playing and promoting traditional music in the Garnock Valley area of Ayrshire, Scotland. Our members are relatively local to the area, and play a variety of instruments, and some sing.

We welcome new members, experienced or beginners, who want to play or sing traditional music.

We meet in Garnock Community Social Club, Loadingbank Road, Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire, KA25 6JY most Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

We suggest a donation of £2 per week which covers the cost of tea/coffee and a biscuit at half time.  The first visit is free!

The group can also respond to invitations to play at local venues, especially for senior citizens who enjoy an hour of foot-tapping music and a sing-a-long.


To contact the Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group

  • Comment using the button below
  • Email: gvtradmusic@gmail.com
  • Phone: 07548261857 (reasonable hours only please and not Wednesday evenings)
  • Use Contact Us form in menu

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Well, now we are all set for another musical year at GVTMG, John Hogart is charged with keeping us on the straight and narrow (an onerous task), Janet Martin will answer queries and write necessary letters, and James Dippie will keep an eye on our cash whilst the rest of us will have fun playing. That’s the BEST BIT!. I would be very sad if I found out that I couldn’t come to Kilburnie every Wednesday. Rosie Rennie


  2. No body seems to want to talk to me so I’ll talk to the ether. Wednesday evening was fun. We had three new tunes to try. Willafjord, Spootiskerry and Queen Anne’s reel. I think they go together well, and when we get into them properly they will be a useful addition to our repertoire.
    Our esteemed leader is holidaying this week and so when the cat’s away the mice will play. I received an unsolicited testimonial at the end of the evening from a gent who had been in the other bar. He said that he reckoned that we were getting better! Rosie

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  3. Seven of us from Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group played for over an hour at Tesco Kilbirnie tonight as part of the shop’s all-day charity fundraiser for, I believe, the local Pipe Band. Everyone did really well and shoppers were very generous. Thanks to all who managed along, the lovely staff & all the generous punters!
    We start again for 2018 on Wednesday, 10th January.
    Best wishes for a great New Year to all.

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    1. AGM tonight – all in order.
      Anyone wishing to give our group a try most welcome:
      Mainly Scottish & Irish music with a range of other stuff as well. Some songs and would be great to see other singers come along.

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  4. Our group had a night out yesterday evening at The Hip Flask in Saltcoats.
    Thanks to staff there and those who listened to & enjoyed our music.
    Great weather & lovely evening.

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  5. It was a good night at the Hip Flask! Playing together in the sunshine was lovely. Hope anyone listening enjoyed it too.


  6. Some of us from GVTMG managed along to do an hour for today’s Kilbirnie Tesco music day to raise funds for Garnock Valley Pipes & Drums.
    GVTMG meet almost every Wednesday from 7 – 9pm in Garnock Communitiy Social Club, Loadingbank Road, Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire, KA25 6JY.
    If you would like to join us to play mainly Scottish & Irish music & song – but also music from across the world – just come along for 7pm.
    Our 2019 nights start on 9th January.
    We ask members to consider contributing £2 per week to cover costs, with the first week free.


  7. Last night, Saturday 23rd November, ten of our “Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group” members presented a three hour “ceilidh” night at Howwood Village Hall.
    It was a great success.
    Thanks to all organisers of the event, all who came along & to all of our singers & musicians who managed to be there and make it such a successful event.


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